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  • Madaula wide range of products: Angle Heads, Big Angle Heads, Live tools for Swiss type lathes, Live tools for CNC lathes, Spindle Speeders, High Frequency Spindles, Multi-spindle heads.
  • Madaula have a wide range of products for Swiss type lathes, standard and special designs.
  • Madaula is specialist on live tools for all kind of lathes, standard and custom made designs.

New Catalogue

CNC Facing and Boring Heads and Attachments

An extension of the Heads & Accessories Catalogue increasing the range of products we offer for big milling and boring machines and vertical lathes.

Catalogue for CNC Facing & Boring Heads and Attachments
CNC Facing & Boring Heads and Attachments

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Wide range of products

From standard to special designed products

Madaula provides you a wide range of products to help optimize your machining processes.

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We also design, develop and manufacture special products based on your machining requirements.

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